Thursday, May 27, 2010

So one of my kids played this for me today...

He said it was a special dedication that I would appreciate....I did immensely, so I'm posting the top 3 covers of this song I can find on youtube...If anyone reads my blog (no one is) you can add your own finds.

and even better Asian boys covering GLEE covering Journey...Life complete I QUIT

house cleaning video love HOWCAST

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reading Material

These cool blogs :
girl in the boys club
What the Craft

Super Kawaii Mama
Cupcakes and Mace
Ticked pink who makes these!


dying in the heat...can't wait to have a workroom

There are these amazing felt food patterns
hedgehog pin cushions! here on Burda Stlyehedgehogs_large.jpg?1271070088
  Sew What!?!? is going on in Somerville at the end of the June and then again in Sept.
also Boston Skill Share this weekend. Most likley won't be able to atttend I'll be moving... But for any one who reads this it maybe worth checking out


IMG_2206-Edit.jpg, originally uploaded by new hobby.

Found on the Allston City Limits Blog. Taken at the Silhouette.

Monday, May 24, 2010

or grammys with Madonna....hmmm what do I like better?

Madonna & Gorillaz - Live at the Grammy Awards from Musion Systems on Vimeo.

Gorillaz at Coachella 2010: Feel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul)

More Links from around the internet

awesome film company (collaborative?)Academy films

some great work there....worth a look

the cool japan website in hopes that one day it will be updated...

Mixture of internet finds...

WW1 audio recording..."If You Were The Only Girl In The World"

Moonlit flower project here. Make a cool little L.E.D Flower with step by step instructions.

Asian online store here super cuite cloths not sure if any will fit me.


REAL MEN USE FISTS, originally uploaded by NMG Productions.

Friday, May 21, 2010

projects for when I settle in

New find! ThreadBanger!!!

a tutorial on craftster make a hoodie from scratch. I can't spend $100+ on this one so I better start making it myself.

Also corsets I want to start fucking with these.

Periodic table of exciting

what I want after being sick for the las two weeks

So I got the flu the Thursday before last. This would not be a big deal for most but because of my asthma this Flu opened me up to succumbing like a 19th century romance heroin to pneumonia.

This is 2010, and Obama is president, so why am I still at risk for dying if the influenza and a severe chill...

Anyway I saw these from one of my favorite plush artist on Etsy (sold out, but I can hope!) and feel they would have helped me a whole lot more than all the Chicken soup and Narcotic Robitussin in the world could have.

LED stars

Origami Star LED Throwie - More DIY How To Projects

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awsome jeans mending tutorial

This great blog called Adventures in Dressmaking has a wonderful tutorial on how to mend your hole-y jeans I absolutely need to try this almost as soon as I get settled into my new apartment...Time to resurrect some zombie jeans!

New discovery: Drawergeeks

Drawer geeks Medusa thread here

Drawer geeks strawberry shortcake thread here

Drawer geeks Punisher thread here

Love is War- miki - by ~CATGIRL0926 on deviantART
Drawer geeks Punisher thread here

Friday, May 7, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On, originally uploaded by KeepCalmStore.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when thinking of my new home

, originally uploaded by recovering lazyholic.

Should I label everything?
would it make my appartment look like a kindergarten?
Would it help?!?!?

I suggest you give me what you owe me... or "anything goes".

wonderful graphic design makes me want to start making things again.


The TARDIS, originally uploaded by dryponder.

Well I for one think he's taking the appropriate Homeland Security steps.

Monday, May 3, 2010

First test

been neglectful...but new year (maybe two), new job, soon
new apartment with something like a studio. More updates...more
sketches same amount of readers? (0)...